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Like cooking food, following a recipe strictly is a very good idea at first. But, with experience, tweaking, tasting and fiddling around ...
Provides just the right amount of variation that allows you to judge quality!

I thought about this yesterday with a new coffee shop down the street. I know how I like my coffee. First time I went in I thought the coffee was a bit weak. So I felt like I wanted to show them my formula. And yes, the second time I went in and asked them to do it my way. It was a bit messy and clumsy but damn good cup of coffee.

Now if I go in again, I'm going to have to find another way to get it the way I like, they are going to have to fiddle with the "recipe" to suit my taste.

I was wishing for something like a 21-step Stouffer scale for coffee because there just isn't any measure I know. Do you check for baume? Do you check viscosity? Color?