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Linhof has a great reputation, Velbon I have never used but I have heard good things about.

I bought a Marconi "Tilt-All" new over 30 years ago, all aluminum construction, durable and very well made. It is a workhorse, I think you could mount a 4x5 or 5x7 View camera on it without any problems.

Even though they might be heavier, the 1970's or 1980's vintage aluminum tripods aren't the lightest but very well made and durable. I believe the Marconi Tilt-All was made by A.B. Marconi & Co. in New Jersey, if they are no longer around I bet their products are still floating around for sale out on the web.

FL Guy
I bought my Tilt-All used about 12 years ago. Best money I ever spent on photo gear. Not real light, but like you say, you could put a view camera on it and it would be stable. I use a tripod strap to carry it which makes it easier.