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Two different films. Two different cameras. All treated the same.

The two common denominators are:
1. The user and the process the user has.
2. The film itself.
Don't forget the changing bag... and the film is not the same, it's two different films, same manufacturer but that seems unlikely, it has to be SOMETHING to do with the process, either the user yanks hard on the film when he pulls it out of the canister, so hard that light leaks into the can from the felt at the opening, or the dark bag, or his processing tank has some kind of light leak issue, it just wouldn't happen on two completely separate film types like that. It's definitely a user error of some kind. It really does look like packing tape lines or something, but unless the user owns a HOLGA type camera and ran it through there (sometimes some of them like the "sprocket rocket" have a frame that goes into the sprocket areas and exposes them) so it could be a double exposure issue, or some kind of tape pulling issue inside the bag. Heck, do you live in a very dry environment? Did you have cotton or wool sweater on when you were changing the film? perhaps you created some static electricity inside the bag and that's the fabric pattern from the spark?

It's kind of exciting isn't it? Like a "medical mystery".