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I thought so, yes. And the last Portra I bought, last fall, had reasonably far out expiration dates.

As I said above I'm tempted to go 100% Ilford for black and white. I'd like to support those who best support us, and their materials are superb and I could be quite happy using just Ilford for black and white but that doesn't help with color.
Agreed. It is time for film shooters to "put their money where there mouth is" and support Ilford. No company anywhere is doing more to keep film alive than Ilford. Every roll of b & w film shot on Kodak or Fuji is one less modicum of support for Ilford.

I LOVE Acros film, but once my supply runs out, I'm going to move towards Ilford. Once my supply of Tri-X is out, I am done with it. Fuji's support of film is moderate and Kodak's is nonexistent.