I'm getting a lot of mixed messages.

To respond, the bottle doesn't have any instructions, as you can see the label is only held on by the elastic band and it's just the label, there are no instructions on the back.

It seems this can be used on both film and paper? but then staining is mentioned in the comments, is that referring to just with paper? as staining a negative would just cause it to have "fogging" issues no?

Unstable seems to be mentioned a lot as well, does this mean it's sort of no good to use because I'll have some image failure after a brief time and have blank negatives if I use it?

Is it used mostly with already developed films that need intensification, or with adding it to the development step to give some effect, or should I just wait until I do my own printing and use it for that purpose?

That article sort of was beyond me, it wasn't very clear to me in that I don't mix my own chems so I don't know what the other components mentioned are for or even where to obtain them and the article sort of lost me in describing the color, are they talking about the color of the solution or the film staining or what?

Plates are also mentioned, so is this for wet plate work?

Sorry it's just a little bit confusing for me, as I said I don't mix my own chems, I buy store bought stuff like Rodinal, and I don't do wet plate nor my own printing YET so should I just save it for that time and then re-visit this? Or is there some advantage to normal B&W negatives?

Thanks guys!