I have a Rolleiflex SLX with both the 80mm and 150mm lenses. Also, related to this question, I had my "backup" NiCad battery pack rebuilt so that the former "primary" battery in my kit is now my "backup" battery and my primary is a fresh set of cells, so that battery power should not be a question with my problem.

Here is my issue.....the 80mm lens has recently developed a tendency to "lag" when the shutter is engaged, it might take three attempts to fire the shutter and this is not necessarily consistent, so I am curious about the problem and the solution. When I use the 150mm lens everything is fine related to firing the shutter, and the body without a lens attached fires consistently. So, I believe there is something limiting the 80mm lens from operating normally. If I stop down the lens manually (the side button) before exposure it seems to operate and fire normally, which might indicate a resistance or other electronic issue (contact cleaning?) between the lens and the body. This has developed without any "event" with either the body or lens, so I am really curious if others have had any similar issues with a Rolleiflex SLX or 6000 series lens or body.

If this is a matter of contact cleaning or repair, I would be interested in any similar experiences, and possible solutions.

I posted this in the MF section to get the broadest look, thanks!

FL Guy