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Agreed. It is time for film shooters to "put their money where there mouth is" and support Ilford. No company anywhere is doing more to keep film alive than Ilford. Every roll of b & w film shot on Kodak or Fuji is one less modicum of support for Ilford.

I LOVE Acros film, but once my supply runs out, I'm going to move towards Ilford. Once my supply of Tri-X is out, I am done with it. Fuji's support of film is moderate and Kodak's is nonexistent.
Yea, I agree, however fuji has both Velvia which I love and Acros which actually I don't love, but the reciprocity failure rate is what I love, if Ilford could match that with some new FP5 ("FP4++"? hmm maybe "FP4Super"! I would never need any other B&W film at least.

PS Simon... Fuji is discontinuing all their 220 rolls... if you can give them a low ball offer for their currently running equipment for that, now's the time I know you said it wasn't viable to do as a new production investment, but buying out fuji who will probably toss it in the garbage otherwise might be worth it perhaps?