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More often than many wish to admit, the biggest obstacle to seeing clearly is that damned camera they are lugging around.
That was the biggest lesson I learned when I did it. No worries about formats, lenses, film, exposure, etc. Just seeing. I was freed from the "if I only had brought xxx lens, or xxx film" When you're unencumbered by equipment, you can visualize any image you want. In fact, while doing it, I "took" ULF photos, with a petzval, neither of which I own...

It's something I now do fairly regularly. At the end of May, I'll spend close to a month on a small Caribbean island (8 sq. miles) that I've been visiting for over 25 years. I know it well, and could probably find some of my old tripod holes. Still, for the first few days, the cameras will stay in the villa. I'll just walk around, drive around, sit around... I'll have a little note pad, and I'll make notes about locations- usually regarding a time of day I want to return.
As an aside, for me there's another positive result to this endeavor. I find that when I'm out to make images, my visual sense is so honed in that I often don't notice the other senses. Without the camera, sounds, smells, etc. are much more evident.