Hi guys

I have just launched my website (www.stormpetrel.com) however not being an experienced web designer I'm not confident it will work properly on all the OS/browsers combinations.
I used Flex (flash technology) to program the website and the guestbook is in PHP.
The website looked fine with Firefox but when I tried it with IE and opera everything was upside down (PC/windows).
Those problems have been fixed and the rendering is consistent now however I would like to have some feedback from you (especially from apple and linux users).

The point to check are:
* are the sound records played properly
* is it possible to access the guestbook page and are the pages displayed consistently across the website?

Any general critics are welcome too!

By the way, can ipad users visit flash website? I read few months ago that flash was no more supported by Apple but I'm not sure if it was concerning the ipad, the iphone or both?

Cheers, Dom