Thank you for the picture. I was able to turn the back and it looked like that piece of metal (C) was pushed too far in. It doesn't seem to move freely but I was able to push it out and it then worked. I guess the question is is that pin supposed to move freely like the thin pin that goes into the camera which does move freely or was it just out of position and I had to push it back in? The round pin only moves freely with the dark slide out since the camera is designed to not allow photographers to shoot up a roll of film with the dark slide in and ruin the film. I think the pin or pins on back of the camera aligns with the round pin in the adapter and with the dark slide is out, the metal piece A & B rocks out of the way and lets the round pin be pushed in so the camera can fire, kind of like a safety on a gun.

I have film in there but after I finish a roll I'll have to see if the shutter can fire with the darkslide in? No, the camera cannot fire with the dark slide in. The dark slide has to be pulled out at least until you can see the little triangle on the dark slide.

(ie. did I disengage an interlock to prevent that by pushing it out. Does "C" move freely on your's??? A&B work together to allow C to move or not move. This is happening on both sides of the dark slide - A&B work together to lock and unlock the camera. You are not supposed to be able to pull the film carrier off the adapter with out the dark slide in or you will ruin the film (if there is film in the film holder). My pin will not move freely with the dark slide in.

I know A and B do and should. If it doesn't that maybe a job for lighter fluid? In the meanwhile I should be able to shoot a roll with it tomorrow. There may be some grease (degraded light seal?) build up and a degreaser may help. I would use an electronic cleaner instead of lighter fluid. Lighter fluid being for lighters and flammable.

If you don't have a manual to read the basic operations, you can google and find down loadable PDF version.

Glad to hear your taking pictures.

Have fun.