It all depends on usage. I own quite a few tripods, most old. 1960's studio cine Linhof with all options. I have 2 Arkay Studio stands that I use all the time, they will never break, one has a big LED monitor and digital camera for portraits and I use the other one right next to it, holding a Horseman 8x10 for LF film portraits. I love Majestic heads, still made in Chicago, all parts available and they do anything. I also use old wood studio cameras and the 3 wheel platform stand called a Semi-Centennial that works like new, 100 years later. Most old stuff was built real strong, since old cameras were quite heavy. Now those big old tripods are great to hold the new expensive cameras you never want to drop.

Found an old wood surveyors tripod at a garage sale, a like new bargain. I have 2 new lightweight tripods I almost never use.

Oh, and a desktop Manfrotto that is 20 years ageless. I take it everywhere, fits in my back pocket.