Historically, Chinese made machines and machinist work have had the reputation of being sub par compared to an American equivalent of a similar era. While to some extent this continues to this day, some Chinese companies have made a concerted effort to change the reputation, so while some products are made well, like the Toyo or Shen-Hao, some other products may be shoddy or sloppily done. I have a DaYi 6x12 back and the build quality is impressive.

Now stop being so butthurt and insisting on going out of your way to derail the topic, please. I have a Sri Lankan friend who could make many inflammatory comments on the racist or otherwise racially oriented treatment he has received in Australia when he used to travel on business before he got a US Passport. Nobody is perfect.

Personally I would go with the Deardorff. The way it encloses really appeals to me, and I like the look of the wood. While it says "wilderness" on it, the fact that it comes in a large aluminum case makes me wonder who lugs it more than a few dozen feet from the car.