Walking to the hall I found a $5.00 note, tried to find the owner, couldn't. So with entry at $2.00 and a purchase of a set of film clips for $2.00 I was looking good for a positive cash flow situation; something that has never happened before.

Well, I spied something I have never seen before, an SLR Compendium book, which is a print on demand book, very, very tempting. I resisted and walked the hall for a couple of laps, but couldn't resist.

The Silngle Lens Reflex Camera from Agfa to Zunow by Andrew Fildes.


The copy on show was the one I purchased, even signed by the author, I've been reading it more or less since returning home, brilliant book.

I'll talk about this later, but if you are interested, go to the site and have a small read and scroll through it to get a feel. The writing so far, is informative and easy to read.