I went to a kind of Photography Convention today and got me some Ilford FP4+: 10x 120 roll ($50.00) film and 3x 135 film ($14.00). I also bought a bottle of Ilford Ilfotec LC29 and Ilford Ilfosol 3. Unfortunately there wasn't any other developer available. I would have liked to get me some Pyrocat-HD or MC to test also ....

I'll expose one 135 film with my Leica M7 and 35 mm Summicron lens, making 36 exact the same images (subject, exposure & diaphragm). I'll cut the film into pieces and will develop it in my 4 different developers.
The new Ilfosol 3 and LC29. And I still have an unopened bottle of Rodinal lying around and should have a box of Id-11 (powder) that I never tried before.
I think I'll rate the film at ISO 125 use the times mentioned on Digital Truth to start with. See:

It was a pitty there wasn't a photo chemic sales man at the convention today (there used to be someone from Germany with a lot of film, photo paper and chemistry). I'll need to get me some STOP and FIX as well for this testing and wanted to find me some Pyrocat. Maybe I'll get on the internet and find me a nice webshop for these chemicals in Europe.

Now that I think of it: I'll expose all three of the 135 films for this experiment at the same time, so I can use other developers as well on the same film later and compare the results.
To be continued .......

BTW: testing tips are welcome