It is unfortunate that the prices have risen, but that's likely not something we can control. Face it, we're spoiled. Prices for used timers (and almost everything else) on the market are fairly cheap; but have you priced, say, Gralab timers new? How about the MSRP on that enlarging lens you got for $50? Considering what RH timers will do over another timer, the price difference - new to new - is not that startling. It's just that there aren't many used RH on the market. Try pricing out everything in your darkroom at new prices, and the timers won't seem so bad.

I love my Stopclock Pro. "F/stop" timing was a revelation. I know one can do it with any timer, or a metronome even, and charts, but the Stopclock and its ilk just make it easier. It has been more than worth it to me!