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Hi Stone. Here's the instructions for Johnsons Pactum copper intensifier and toner. I inherited a single packet of this, and I haven't tried it yet. I guess it's probably similar stuff. My packet weighs 15g and is a terracotta coloured powder.

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Thanks, those are much simpler instructions and understandable. However there's no mention of bleaching which everyone else seems to have mentioned here, and also it mentions that you can do it by visible inspection with no mention of whether you are using a red safelight or daylight view, or some other color safelight, do you know? It also says just to use this chemistry and makes no mention of mixing it with anything else. If this is true why have others mentioned that it needs to be mixed with normal developer after a bleaching step? Again thanks this seems fairly straightforward, if it had been posted first, but because of the other mentions of additional instructions I'm curious which is more on target. Thanks!