Hi All,

Last 4 weeks...

Minox 35GT, lost confidence due to an unexplained self-timer problem so returned to eBay seller for full refund.
Minox 35GTE inc case & lens hood, REAL problems, missing unexposed frames, exposure way off, returned to eBay for full reund.

Finally admitted I had to spend more, bought Rollei 35 S Sonnar again from eBay, which has yet to arrive.

AND THEN... The original Minox arrived BACK to me "undeliverable" so I've contacted the seller and asked how he want to proceeed. I do LOVE the little things but know they're fragile. The near silent shutter has delivered people pictures in really quiet locations.

Anyhow, I am honestly, really, really commited to buying FILM and PROCESSING rather than cameras now. Honest.

Oh, and I do realise that none of the cameras are actualy RF. I hope the Group is OK with a "not through the lens viewing" definition.