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Adobe spent a lot of time developing and marketing Flash. Like many companies, they give away the browser plugin and the viewer for free in order to drive website developers into buying their authoring software. Flash is a cash cow for them. Dumping or totally revamping Flash would turn all their work and expense into a sunk cost. Then they run into the problem of incompatibility between newer and legacy products. Making significant changes means that websites which already use Flash would stop working unless they update to the newer version. All the people who have Flash plugins installed on their computers would have to update in order to see the new content, plus they risk losing the ability to see websites created with the older version. Adobe really has gotten themselves over a barrel on this one. Their only option is to use marketing spin to keep pushing the product, no matter how broken it is, at least until they can get a new product to market which will replace it.

BTW: I like the pictures. Especially the one in front of the giant clock face in the Musee d'Orsay.
Sorry I got wrapped up in a minor detail. Me too... rant over.
I understand that, however the whole generation below me (30's and younger) all use smartphones, and many older than me do as well, and NONE of them can see my website, I'm always telling people to check it out, and they go and say "sorry, I couldn't see anything" no one is going home and using their home computers to check it out anymore, they want to see it instantly, so flash just gets in the way. It's HURTING businesses not helping them, despite its capabilities it's not a viable business plan for anyone who wants sustainable clients in the new smart-phone driven environment. Heck I know a lot of people who don't own a laptop or home computer anymore and ONLY use an ipad or other tablet, none of which can read flash, so they just don't bother and move on. And Adobe needs to realize this, if they wanted to have made flash work, they should have made it work... as in they should have corrected how terribly written and how much CPU power is required and changed the code to make it smoother and work for todays market, but they didn't, and now we're paying for it.

I'm told there are HTML5 add ons to Lightroom 4 that will produce HTML5 image galleries, but there are so many and they cost money I don't know which to buy into, any suggestions for me AND the OP since they also mentioned the same issue with using Lighroom 4... would be helpful, thanks!