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Stone- Based on the instructions Mr. Rusty posted, it doesn't look like redevelopment is needed. Negative intensification can be done with lights on.
Do you have negatives which could use some intensification? If so, I wouldn't rely on the old copper you have. When I've needed a slight boost, I've used selenium at about 1:4. I think Photographer's Formulary sells a chromium intensifier, too.
Well I'm sure I have a test image that I can start with that isn't important and so I can test this old stuff on it. So... my question is... being really dumb... or rather, ignorant of photography ... when someone says a negative is thin vs dense... is it opposite speak? as in, like because it's a negative and not a positive, when someone says dense, do they mean the negative looks very dark (which would make it over exposed in a positive) or does dense actually mean that when printed as a positive the image would be dark?

So is intensifier for making thin negatives thicker making a lighter image, and reducer for making dark negatives that look black to be thinned out so the image is darker? Hope i'm making sense.