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Easily the best, most practical and usable advice yet. More often than many wish to admit, the biggest obstacle to seeing clearly is that damned camera they are lugging around. Leave it behind. And with it all of the unavoidable expectations that it must be used right then and there. The camera should be one of the last steps in the process. Not the first.

The seeing part is supposed to come before the recording part.

I think a lot of photographers go out looking for the "big picture". And they miss all the little ones.

Freeman Pattersons book on Learning to See is great in teaching people to see things that aren't the Big picture. His concept of shooting a roll of film before getting out of bed in the morning teaches seeing shapes and light patterns and learning to see " common things in an uncommon manner".
( note, this does not mean shooting pictures of your dick)

Also what helps some people is just using a 35mm camera while doing this. Leave the large format thing at home.