I have a dedicated room for printing but still is temporary setup because there is no plumbing and it's just a spare bedroom. Film processing is done in a master bathroom.

I save on my setup time by having chemistry already mixed and bottled. For example, my developers (Dektol and D76) are bottled in 8 oz containers, so it's per "serving". Stop bath is already mixed and I actually re-use it, not because of money factor but for convenience. As to clean up, bottle up stop and fix, then take everything outside and hose them clean and prop them up to dry. It's actually pretty quick.

Tareq, have you ever tried to lift 16x20 tray with 1 gallon of chemical in it? It's pain. My suggestion is to go ahead and get a set of 8x10 and 11x14 trays. They aren't that expensive and much easier to handle.