How strong is the smell? Is the acetate base moist or sticky? Has the film become stiff or brittle? What about shrinkage?
These are the things that happen to acetate as it decays. I can't answer what to do with undeveloped film, though.

As long as the film isn't sticky it shouldn't hurt the camera if its kept clean. Brittle, shrunken film might not go through the camera without breaking or tearing out the sprocket holes. (Try running brittle film through a projector at 24fps!)

You can't undo "vinegar syndrome." The chemical reaction is autocatalytic. Once it begins, it can be slowed down but not stopped. There are cleaners that can remove excess acetic acid which will slow the process. Keeping the film cold will also slow it down.

Segregate any vinegar syndrome film from other film. The acid vapor can cause other film to start breaking down, too.