Thank you all for your responses! Yes, that's why I'm testing verify that it works before the 14 day no questions asked. I did fix the issue I think with the stuck pin (which I worked around to use today) A little lighter fluid and it seems to have worked free (I fixed a similar stuck mechanism (in this case the shutter) with my Graflex.) I am giving time to dry and then I'll reassemble and verify that it worked. Meanwhile I'm going to try to make time to develop the roll tomorrow. I was handheld so we'll see if the pix are clear. It does seem to be a tripod oriented camera although even with my very small hands (I'm a 4'6" female) I didn't feel I was having any problems handing it. The trickiest bit is the lens I have (65mm wide angle) has an odd ring for the DoF setting. I did order a strap and lens cover so I feel able to then actually take it somewhere (I have a few ideas around town.)