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I currently have 6 (2x sets of 3) Nova 5 Star LED heads spaced around my darkroom (all aimed at the ceiling from a distance of 12") which is 6' x 7' for the present they stay on, but that is only until I get around to wiring a 2 way socket to the Stopclock Pro Timer. I have tested them on full power with Ilford Multigrade IV paper and get no discernable fogging even after 20 minutes with a 'max flashed' bit of paper.
I bought that set of 4 off of LFPF and *Love* them in my closet sized darkroom space. I put diffusion material over them due to space constraints and like you said, even at full power they do nothing to paper. The dimming control is right under my Zonemaster so I use them across the entire range.

Too bad they don't make them anymore, they are brilliant.