Just wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone for a great forum. I was steered this direction by Edcculus from another forum that utilizes what the mainstream consider old and out of date (vintage shaving gear). My grandfather got me started in B&W photography when I was about 10 or so and I continued until I hit that teenager syndrome. Fast forward 25 years and I bought my first dslr. After 5 years I've now decided that although digital is good, I feel it's missing something. I still have the old Pentax MESuper and MX that I started with and recently picked up a very good condition Yashica Mat as my first MF camera and a Canon AE-1 because I always wanted to try a Canon. The MX and AE-1 need new seals (replaced the ME Super's already). I have some color film on the way to check out the condition of the cameras. After that I'd like to develop my own B&W film then scan to start with (I picked up a refurb v500), then eventually do the darkroom thing again.