And... Four years later, I'm Back!

It's been really nice to read your replies to the post!

Photography is still an important part of my life, even if things slowed down a bit.
The Trusty MEsuper still rocks, it has now seen three continents since i live in Québec (QC) now.

The streets here don't have the same dynamics, I'm sure that there are wonderful pictures left to be taken on this subject, but it seems that it doesn't work for me anymore.

Medium format helped me find an other level of photographic zen, the one where you stand in the landscape, frame your picture with maximum accuracy, and just weight for the right moment to press on the cable release.

I also discovered that portrait photography can be extra ordinary when you are able to capture "real" emotions...

Work took me away from phtography for a year, so i'm back on the internet and photo exhibits to see as many great pictures as I can in order to re-build composition reflexes, lighting awareness etc.

Happy to be back here