Hey all,
Has anyone here, reading this post, had 35mm system lenses re-engraved(or a scale made) for T-Stops instead of(or in addition to) F-Stops?

I'm asking because I shoot primarily chrome, and have found some discrepancies in resulting density of exposures in series of DOF tests, (say, 1/60@f8, then 1/30@f11, etc...).

Now, while it isnt "impossible" by any means to work this way, and the discrepancy is hard to see unless really scrutinizing the film on the light box, but its noticeable to me

I know that in the pro cinema industry, t-stops are STANDARD affair, but it seems us 'lowly' stills people get only f-stops!

Guess this same question can also apply to MF and LF shutters/lenses as well. That way each lens is individually tested for transmissive value.