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Just clean the camera (or projector) after using any suspect film.

Any oily liquid on the film is probably the plasticizers leaching out. Another sign of degradation.

While I'm not afraid to run vinegared film, I'm not eager to do it, either. I'd try to avoid it if I could but the final decision would be based on just how far gone the film is. If it was just a little whiff of vinegar I wouldn't be so worried. If it smelled strong or had any liquid on the surface, I'd be very hesitant unless it was a "show must go on" situation like above.
Well once the plasticizers leaching issue is run through the developer I don't seem to see any or feel it on the film, it seems only evident on the pre-processed film. I think it's ok.

I don't know what to do with the pan-x ... I love the stuff, it's my last roll I'll probably ever buy as I'm not buying any more used/old film, I've had my experiences with it, but I'm "done" and just trying to use it up, it's just money I've spent that's now lost ... a disappointment... I didn't smell it when I got it, a foolish move, now I have to go defrost and smell all my cans... see what's not worth saving... blah... I always smell them before I go to shoot the roll, but forgot to check a few when I first got them, so now, I have no recourse from the seller either, it's only a few dollars, but still, I suppose it's money in education at least