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chuck94022 do you know what kind of temperature sensor it is? K type, PT100?
The probe has "Cu50" on it, the rest is Chinese. The SG-808 calls for a "PT100 Cu50 Jpt100" at the appropriate connection point. So, I'm guessing it is a PT100 or compatible sensor.

The instrument box it is in is obviously some off the shelf generic thing, as you'll note the labels (see the on off switch) are hand written, and the PID is somewhat loosely installed. But it works perfectly. I did have to calibrate the probe (a setting on the PID). The factory setting is no adjustment, but mine was reading about 2.5 C too high. A simple adjustment got it to the exact same reading as my regular .1 C thermometer, across a variety of temperatures.

The PID controller is amazing. There is no hunting for the temperature, you set what you want, the temperature climbs up and just stops on the temperature you set. It does take a while to pull the chemistry up to temp in the bath, as one would expect. I could preheat the chems in a microwave, if I was in a hurry I guess. Or, I could start the bath at a high temp to pull up the chems. But it is simple enough to plan ahead, start the bath, put the chems in, and come back later when everything is at the right temperature, same as I used to do with the Jobo.