I got my first "used" FA about 4 years ago and a second body about two years ago as a spare incase the first one died on me. Neither have died (thank goodness) so far, but when they do there will be no repair, they will go to the shelf for display for historic purposes.

Hindsight now says to me that any flavor of the FM would have been good choice too, perhaps better if one wanted to hand it down to the next generation. But using an FA in the field sure is enjoyable......seems like all the modern cameras are a roll of the dice now (look at me calling the FA a "modern" camera) because of the electronics.

So does that mean that unless something is forced and broken, an "old" camera like the FM couldn't be repaired and lubed to work like new again? So how many years will the old F2's and F3's and FM's really last?

Bob E.