Good for you! I bet most of us have intended to do such a thing, but have never quite got round to it.

I wouldn't have expected differences among good lenses to show up with such a grainy film/dev combination. It's good that you tested them in camera, because of course that's how they are used. However, you are testing not just the lens performance but also focussing accuracy.

FWIW, the Tessar design has the reputation of giving extremely high resolution. The only Tessar I have is on a Rollei 35. I can vouch for the fact that when I get the focus right and stop down, and the subject is not low contrast, the Tessar is a match for my Leica Summicrons. When a large aperture must be used, though, the Leica lenses plus rangefinder focussing are in another league. [I wish they paid me to say that! Sigh.]