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The talk about freeing the mind and focusing on what's important to you is right on point, I think. You might just step back and consider what's important to you as a person (not as a photographer), make a list of the first 3 or 10 or 50 things that you really care about, and then find one that's accessible AND that is visual. And then go make 10 to 25 excellent photos of it. This is the basic advice from "On Being A Photographer" by Hurn and Jay. Great book, you might get it and read the section on "Finding your Subject." I think it will help in your process.
That may be the best and most practical book on the creative process of photography (not the technical) I've ever read. Each time I come back to it there is some new insight.

Batwiser, put "On Being A Photographer" at the top of your reading list!