hi aggie

i use examination gloves and a vapor mask when i mix chemicals. vapor mask when i process and print about 50% of the time ( with a vent in the ceiling). when i process film ... i tray process everything in ansco 130. most of the time with no gloves, but once in a while i use exam gloves to see if i can do it, or if i can't feel the film well enough in the dark to shuffle. after the water bath, it goes into the fixer, and i put on the gloves. the rest of the ride i wear the exam gloves. prints ( ansco 130 again) i do the tongs and gloves thing all through.

i don't get alergic reactions, or have any aversion to chemicals on my skin. just figure the less contact, the better ...

you burned of your fingerprints too?
i burned mine off coating glass with collodion
they came back though. i do have cracks/breaks in my fingerprints though, from what i have been told, it is from "fixer burns" ...