i think a problem a lot of people have is they over think EVERYTHING ...
whether they are a photographer who is engrossed in reading photography books
and going to photography exhibitions and buying and looking at critique of said work
and read and reading a lot into everything, or trying 50 different papers and films and cameras
and getting engrossed in looking for the silver bullet to make "perfect negatives and prints"

instead ... don't look at photo books, don't read critiques don't go to exhibits of photography
but look at other artwork instead ( painting, sculpture architecture &c ) and let your mind drift.
instead of putting yourself in a box, and a small one at that ...
just take photographs of what you want without thinking about how it fits into the big puzzle of your life
or the larger puzzle of the photography world or indexed art world &c ... don't let that stuff even enter the equation.

once you start taking photographs, lots of them, then sort them out to make a project of what you want .. and THEN continue
with what you want to shoot. you shouldn't have to force yourself .. it should just flow like honey off of a dipper,