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Ok, I get the point now. So at 75g/l, I get the finest grain before losing that 1/3 speed.

Why then d-76 has 100 g?

Because way back in 1926/7 Eastman Kodak Research chose to use 100g/l and this stayed constant in a number of Kodak developers, the first EK Fine Grain developer, D76, D23, D25, DK20 etc.

Kodak initially began from the Wellington & Ward Buffered Borax developer formula which was known to give finer grain and a series of developers evolved with incresing Sulphite, DK50 is the closest to the W&W dveloper, DK60 & DK60a in between DK50 & D76. There were older versions of both prior to Kodak using Sodium Metaborate.