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all shot at 250 F8, ... However with a 35mm neg enlarged to 24x20 I can still barely tell the difference on the prints, so real world outcome is any of these 4 cameras are very capable. Enlarger lens is a componon-S 50mm/2.8 BTW.
Not exactly. The real world outcome is that the 4 cameras are indistuinguishable at f/8 using a relatively grainy film. If that's how you would use them, then they are all very suitable. But I bet that if you repeated the test at the largest aperture those lenses have in common, using Delta 100, the Olympus glass would come out a clear winner.

From what I recall about lens design (disclaimer: I never knew much, may have misunderstood, and may have mis-remembered), the extra elements are there to allow larger apertures and correct the resulting distortions. A 4-element lens is not necessarily less sharp at its optimum aperture than a 6-element lens is. Wasn't there a Leica telephoto lens with squeeze focus that was just a single piece of glass?