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i think a problem a lot of people have is they over think EVERYTHING ...
That would be me. In many respects my biggest artistic challenge is getting my brain out of the way and feeling stuff.

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I'll get some flak for this, but quite simply, I live in a lifeless place. I'm uninspired by what I see.
Do you feel like that about the place in general, or only wrt photography? It seems to me that, given a place to which you have an emotional connection, there should be something there that can be explored in photography (or any given medium)---but it's hard to create with raw material that doesn't light you up in any respect.

If you really do find the place soulless, it might be a worthwhile exercise to do a little mini-project about that alienation---the equivalent of the old writing trick of writing about writer's block. Or, conversely, assume the point of view of someone who *does* love the place passionately, and take that perspective out into the field and produce that hypothetical person's photographic love letter to the Midlands. (To me, both of those efforts seem like they could usefully take some inspiration from the New Topographics.)

There's an interesting book called _A Soprano On Her Head_, intended primarily for musicians but of interest to practitioners of almost anything, that's largely about avoiding the trap of too much thinking. It might be worth a look from your position.