I think everyone is born with artistic capability but it's something that needs to be cultivated in order to grow into something bigger. Unfortunately many people either a. are not in the correct environment to hone that skill or b. fall into that trap of "oh i suck, time to quit."

With that said, it seems like you're struggling to find inspiration because where you live and what you see isn't what you want to photograph correct? I can understand this to a degree because I will see compelling images from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, etc and I will want to go there to photograph in a similar style. But then a voice in the back of my head says "no, those are THEIR photographs. Not yours."

Then I realize that drawing inspiration from the work of other photographers is definitely a good thing, but trying to duplicate is not really the best method to cultivate artistic creativity. My advice would be to not look at other artists work and think "that's what I want to shoot," because when you go out you will only look for similar scenes. Keep an open mind and shoot lots of different things, you never know when the next photograph is going to drastically change your style and preference. And that's something you may have missed with your previous (for a lack of a better term) tunnel vision.

Go out and shoot! The world is an amazing place