So far according to Wittner-Cinetec they will ship a 100" roll to the USA for only 7 Euros, I would imagine that is for regular class mail, could be a few weeks for it to arrive.

I am thinking Wittner-Cinetec would most likely offer faster shipping if requested.

Things are looking up for having fresh Agfa 200 ASA color slide film that will render colors like a normal slide film that are ready to project without the "Piss-A-Chrome" effect of that Rollei CR-200 film.

Agfa color slide film that is old and had not been stored well often renders the yellow cast, I am thinking the Rollei CR-200 that is sold by and Freestylephoto is just old poorly stored film that both vendors obtained on the cheap, both vendors claim that nothing is wrong with the film despite a huge number of people reporting an ugly yellow cast of varying degree, both vendors will happily give you a refund if you are not satisfied with the results but what good is that when your travel photos are ruined? I would bet Agfa of Belgium is not too pleased about this "yellow" problem, perhaps embarrased, after all Agfa is a first rate film manufacturer that takes pride in its products, it is doubful the film Agfa sold to Rollei was defective, I am thinking this film was abused after Agfa sold it therefore causing the "yellow" cast to it.