For Sale: various 35mm roll film. $45, USPS Priority mail shipping included.

To my deep regret my favorite 35mm camera suffered an un-repairable fault earlier last week. I found myself at a crossroads. I rarely use 35mm film anymore as all of my work has been in medium format and large format for many years now. Replacing the 35mm camera wouldn't change my work habits, so after decades of 35mm use I've decided to let that kit go. All that's left is the film I have in the refrigerator.

So for sale is my modest supply of 35mm black and white and color reversal film. One roll of color reversal (slide film) Kodak Elite 100, 36 exposure. Expired in June 2012. Two rolls of black and white Kodak Plus-X, 24 exposure. Expired in December 2012. Lastly two rolls of black and white Agfa APX 25. Expired in July 2004.

All boxes are still factory sealed. This film has been kept cold in the freezer and refrigerator all its life. It is expired, yet because of the low ISO and cold storage I have no doubts that they're still fine.

The APX in particular is amazing stuff. Prints I've made in my darkroom from this film are phenomenal. It's 35mm, but it looks like large format! I had always hoped to find a suitable and worthy subject to use my last two rolls on yet that perfect subject just didn't materialize. Hopefully someone else here can put it to good use.

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I want to sell this film as a single lot. Please, don't ask if I'll sell just a single roll. I'd rather get it all done in one sale.

Check or money order only. No PayPal. Please contact me here or by PM.