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Sandy King published a version of Pyrocat with p-Aminophenol which is the developing agent used in Rodinal.


Stock A
Distilled Water at 120ºF 750ml
Sodium Metabisulfite 10.0g
p-Aminophenol 5.0g
Pyrocatechin 50g
Potassium Iodide1.0g

Water to 1000ml

In practice Pyrocat HD is like Rodinal on steroids, I use if for all formats and B&W films.

Thanks, but, you listed stock A

Is there more to this formula I'm not seeing? Is there a stock B?

If this us the final formula I'll collect the ingredients and give it a try, but I thought the pyro type developers all had 2 parts? That's why I DON'T like them, I prefer one "simple syrup" that sits in a bottle waiting for me

Any longevity info on mixed stock of this?


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