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I lusted after an FA from the moment that I saw the advertisement & was smitten the moment that I got my hands on one. I did think of an F3 but the AMP metering & shutter priority in the FA tilted me towards it. A few years back I picked up an F3 to give my FA a quieter life & have since added a second. The 80/20 meter seems to me to be as accurate if not more so than AMP. FA's definitely aren't all bad. Apart from needing to replace the foam mine hasn't given me any problems in 26 years.

I recently inherited my friends FA from him because he was going to discard it and he has never had an issue with it. I could not bear to see it be tossed , it is going to need to foam replaced at some point in the future and I need to find a place to have that done. Other than that though it does run well.