the long run, I am keen to experiment with removing the second fix bath, since I think the thiosulfate in KRST, and then a fresh washing aid, perhaps slightly prolonged from my current 3 min to 5 or so, may do a good enough job of getting rid of the fixing byproducts. But first, I just want to try with a neutral one.
To simplify, reduce fumes and process to an archival standard I initiated the following process. Non metol print developer, water stop, TF-4 fix. Fix capacity is (10) 8x10s per L. There are no fumes with this all alkaline process. If I print on 11x14, I introduce a citric stop, water rinse and two tray fix. The citric stop aids in a quick stop with such large paper. I always lightly tone and use a (10) minute wash aid before a 20-30m manual tray wash.

The down side is lower fix capacity with a one tray line. The positive is a citric stop will be ok when used with neutral fix like Ilford's if processing only (10) 8x10s per L.