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The replenishment info is in Kodak's tech pubs, it is the norm, not the exception, it is not hard.

The replenishment rates are for whatever replenish you use, if it's LORR LU, use LORR LU replenishment rates, Fuji, use Fuji replenishment rates, regardless if you started with SM, Fuji, LORR/Flexi, Tetenal, etc.

I've replenished regular Flexicolor in 1.6L capacity, and it's not hard to maintain using near air free glass bottle, I pour some out, add the replenisher, pour it back in till bottle is full, then toss the left over, this way I keep the bottle full. It lasts quite a while between uses (to a limit), so that's fine. Flexicolor LORR/LU has twice the HAS in it's mixing ratio, and lasts twice as long as normal Flexicolor, as well as half the replenishment rate, so this should last better than normal Flexicolor which already lasts well.

Definately use a separate bleach and fix.