thanks, that's a lot of ideas. There are two that interest me to start with.

1. 'everyone elses times always 6 minutes. the 6 minutes is for people adding hypo probably'

Can I ask what you meant here in a discussion of Tri-X Reversal in D19, when you said of yourself using D19 to process Tri-X Super 8 :

'I used d-19 to develop --- straight d-19 for 6' about' ?

I presumed that you meant you were using it without hypo there. What EI index did you get at 6 mins when you recommended that time?

2. 'it sounds counterintuitive, but some developers need to be dliuted with water to get more power'

Yes, it does a bit. Can anyone else confirm this?

(btw, I started at 1+1 for 4mins and got very dark positives compared to 1+0 at 4mins)