NT: No argument there. I'm certainly not suggesting people should simply give up things they aren't great at. Rather that they should be realistic about what they are trying to achieve or accomplish. I wouldn't have said any of this had the original post not been so searching. But batwister's posts on this subject (this isn't the first thread of this type he's posted) seemed almost like the angst of someone wishing to get into a great artist's head in an attempt to figure out how to be really good at something he wants to do. His goals appear substantially more serious than someone just wanting to enjoy an artistic pastime to the best of his ability.

On the other hand I may have just misinterpreted the whole thing. Batwister's most recent post above does change things a little. I have wrestled with similar issues, and still do. Much of it in my own case has to do with setting impossibly high standards. This angle was not clear to me in the original post so apologies if I took things in the wrong direction.

As far as music goes, I still don't think it is much different. Perhaps it is because my background is in orchestral/"classical" music. Anyway that's a discussion for a different thread.