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The same is apparent here in UK as well (to me at any rate). Ilford are back up to what they were selling before 2000 since SFX was brought back. Papers are still readily available. Kodak - well they have lost out big time with demise of a few B&W films, all their printing papers and all their other slide films. Fuji has cut back too. Agfa has had a slight reincarnation with colour film and the B&W, plus Rodinal is available once again, but no papers.

However the biggest difference for me anyway is the number of materials available, which originate in the old eastern European area.

It is OK having all these materials from whatever source available, but there will come a time when a lot of the cameras we are using now simply cannot be repaired and there is nothing to replace them. As far as I am aware there is only two film cameras made which are of the 'quality' end of the market, the Nikon F6 and the Leica rangefinders. (I am not sure about their film R cameras). However these are too much for every day man to buy and will remain a specialist buy or for someone with a lot of money.

There are a few cheaper end cameras originating from China but that is it. No new medium format apart from a couple of very expensive rangefinder models from FUJI. No Rollieflexes, Bronicas or Mamiyas.
Black and white is doing great. In the eastern European stuff there's the Adox version of the Agfa MCC paper, which is excellent. Ilford of course makes wonderful materials.

We need more selection in color, especially if Kodak folds, I agree, and in new cameras. Right now the used market is sufficient, which is why there aren't more new film cameras. But if the market comes back enough, I'd expect them to be more available again. I'm glad I bought my Pentax LX when the prices were much better than they are now - and I might want to start thinking about that Rollieflex I want "some day" and get it sooner rather than later!

I also really want a new 4x5 to replace my very old barely functional Tech III but fortunately those are readily available new in some really good designs.