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The stock is so cheap we should come together and buy a controlling interest in the company.
If you add all the liabilities, they should give us money just to buy it

This is what corporate arrogance looks like. It happened to Polaroid it (almost) happened to Apple, it happened to Silicon Graphics and it will happen to IBM and HP quite soon, I'm afraid.
Others will be more dedicated to the customer and grow, starting the cycle all over again.

I think it started with the useless film formats pushed onto the customers to sell more crappy cameras (just look up a list... 620 anyone?) culminating with the APS fiasco and the delay in marketing digital. Too many mistakes to survive. The fact that they were huge delayed the end, but the vision in Kodak is just a ECN product line.

Sorry for the rant, but I see design-by-commitee and marketing-by-commitee everyday. No one takes charge and imposes a vision, and when they do it's usually crap like expensive inkjet with cheap ink and nobody dares to contradict them.

Support the ones who care about us (Ilford, ADOX, maybe even Maco and Fuji) and let the dead rest already.