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Today you can buy numerous brands of tripods, most of them are relatively cheap, not all of them are stable, and future will tell how long they will survive of they are used often.

Most beginners ask for a cheap, lightweight, stable tripod, though getting all these features in one tripod is quite impossible.

Which old tripods would you recommend in terms of stability and usability if beginners so not have a big budget and are at risk buying a cheap, shaky tripod that will not hold their camera steady? Which are most likely useful after many years and will work for many more years?
I collected some names and hope you can add some more:

- Linhof tripods in general (Rekord, Rekord Profil)
- Gitzo Gilux Reporter
- Velbon Aluminium tripods from the 1970s
- Berlebach ash wood tripods
- Pentacon tripod, a good choice for macro photography
- Benbo tripods
Tiltall, the Marchioni or Leitz versions.