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Stone, I have seen whole unit, with reel and tank, made by FR.
In the month we will have local camera swap meeting and will check there for something similar or will go with Paterson reel.
Yes that's the one I have, I am trying to say that, these tanks can not be inverted and only use the twirl/twist stick method to agitate. They are not liquid tight and if you swirl heavily they will spill, and using fixer is stronger smelling because the container is not sealed so the odor comes out easily.

If you are OK with this, then it is a fine working tank and will probably be fine for your needs. For me it wasn't good enough.

I have never seen a Paterson plastic "spiral" that takes 116, if you find a bunch ever and don't need them all I will take one and get rid of all these other tanks. Lol


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